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            Since we're publishing our art everywhere on web and can't control who can use it, and no one like to see his/her photo being claimed as others work. 
Watermark or copyrights help a little to prevent others from stealing your efforts, or at least make it difficult for them to erase your name. 
I found many ways to add a watermark and I'll list few for you to try them out !

Method 1 : Text tool Watermark in Photoshop 
Method 2 : Brush Watermark in Photoshop
Method 3 :  Plug-in Watermark in Photoshop


Method 1 : Text Tool 

Step 1 : 
Choose Text Tool ( T ) 

Step 2 : 
Pick your favorite font 
and start typing your watermark 

Step 3 :
 You can re-position and re-size your mark by the Move tool 

Step 4 :
 Decrease Opacity to make a transparent watermark

Method 2 : Brush Watermark

Step 1 : 
Open Photoshop then go to " File > New " 

Step 2 : 
Select the below setting for your new project then click "OK": 
Width: 1000 Pixels
Height: 1000 Pixels
Res : 300 Pixel/Inch
Background : Transparent

Step 3 :
With text tool ( T ) and after choosing your font write down your text

For adding another text below or somewhere first click on the check mark [✓]

Then while you still using the text tool click where you want to type another text.

after you're done click on the check mark again [✓]

Step 4 : 
Choose the crop tool 

Select your text 

Then click the check mark [✓] or press " Enter " on keyboard 

Step 5 : 
Go to " Edit > Define Brush Preset "

Then name your watermark and click OK 

Now your Bush is ready to use !

Step 6 : 
Open your image then click on brush tool


Right click anywhere on your photo and go down to the end of your brushes you will find your new brush, click on 

Change opacity by the slider above the image

Or by the Opacity slider above layers, while you're selecting the watermark layer.

And you can change the color of the watermark 

resize your brush and click on the image where you want your watermark to be 

Method 3 : Watermark Plug-in 

I recently found a helpful watermark plug-in from Russell Brown. [ Download Link ] 
ٍScroll down into Russell Brown site you'll find a link of tutorial video beside " Adobe Watermark Panel 2.2.2 "
I still didn't use it but it's easy, download it and and start discovering. :love: BTW it's FREE la in love  

Examples of pretty watermarks

The gold ear by XeniaChowaniec
 Cosmo by PuppetSan
_ by migdalek


- Use one of the methods above and show us the result by commenting with a link of your image.
- OR share with us the method you use to add your watermark, and provide your comment with an image of yours contain a watermark.


Thanks For Reading 
Little Pixel Heart 


Photoshop Lightroom
is a great program which gives you a plenty of editing tools, it's a great starting point to turn your image from a pale, flat one to a beautifully touched photo.

Get your Lightroom ready and start doing these few steps with me !

Into the " Develop " section you gonna find " Basic " Panel, then do the following ;

Rose Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Step 1 : Exposure 

increase to give your image more light. for below photo i preferred +1.26  

ٍRose Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Step 2 : Contrast 

Increase a bit, for me I don't like the black areas to be so black but I like the photo to be well contrasted. +22

Rose Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Step 3 : Highlights

For the highlighted area. sometimes highlights kills details, so my settings is -13 .

Rose Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Step 4 : Temp (temperature )

To add warmness (yellowish) or coldness (bluish ). I added warm tune +16

Rose Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Step 5 : Tent

When ever I add warmness to the image I increase tent a bit because I feel it turns a bit greenish so increasing tent add a bit red tone. +24

And that's it ! We're done !


Use the above listed basic tools on your image ! 
Or use one of the stock images below

1. Foggy Wood 2 by Jantiff-Stocks  2.Mountains 12 by cemacStock 

Comment below with your result !

*if you used a stock image please do the following
1- credit owner into the photo's caption
2- link back the edited photo under the original photo
3- favorite the original 
4- each owner have his/her own rules, read before post.

*stock images credits
1- :iconjantiff-stocks: Read his rules
2- :iconcemacstock: Read her rules

Tutorial used Photo by SaRaH-22 {Me}

If you have any topic would like to see as a lesson, please comment !

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